"He's basically a shaved ape in a shirt. And he – technically – is the only one of us never to be fired by anyone."
—Richard Hammond introduces Jeremy Clarkson[src]
Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson (frequently called "Jezza"), born in Doncaster, England on 11 April 1960, is a TV presenter, journalist and writer who first came known to the public on the original BBC Top Gear on which he was a presenter from 1988 to 2000. But the problem with the original is that it was about cars, rather than being about Jeremy which was clearly wrong - so he left. Without him, Top Gear withered and died. But Jeremy (with chums including Andy Wilman) realised that he could clearly make Top Gear better without all the nonsense about testing boring cars. The New Top Gear was a hit, firstly for the BBC and became one of the most watched television programmes… in the World. Unfortunately jealous people started to criticise Jeremy and the show, mostly without justification but, even Jeremy admitted he had gone a bit too far after a wee little fracas with a producer. And that was sadly that - Jeremy was dismissed from Top Gear never to be seen on our screens again - until Amazon brought back the main players of the Top Gear Team and brought forth something new - The Grand Tour.